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Oil Street Guest House and Space
87-2 Mizuochi-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, 602-0058 Japan/tel&fax 075-432-8867

From JR Kyoto station, you have two choices of public transportation, Subway or Bus.

direction_icon_02 Subway

  • Take Kyoto City Subway Karasuma-line to Imadegawa station. (Runs every 3-8mins during the day/5stops/9mins/JPY250)
  • Get out to the ground level from exit #4. Proceed toward West on Imadegawa-Dori Avenue for about 450m/1500ft then turn right on Shiramine Shrine. Head North on Aburanokoji-Dori Street for about 200m/650ft.
  • Within 10mins walk from the station, you will find our house on your right.

direction_icon_01 Bus

  • Take Kyoto City Bus line #9 from the Kyoto station bus terminal and get off at Horikawa-Kamidachiuri bus stop. (Runs every 6-10mins during the day/17stops/about 25mins/JPY220)
  • Cross Horikawa-Dori Avenue and proceed toward East on Kamidachiuri-Dori Street for about 100m/330ft. Turn right on Aburanokoji-Dori Street and head South for about 20m/65ft.
  • Within 3mins walk from the bus stop, you will find our house on your left.


Or, Taxi is always the easiest and best option especially when you are traveling with big luggage. Show this direction below in Japanese.
“今出川油小路上がる 約200m 上立売手前 右手水色の看板が目印”
It takes approximately 20mins and costs less than JPY2000 from JR Kyoto Station.